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Brew Pubs in Hopkins?

Scott Neal, July 29, 2013 | Posted in Scott Neal

The Start Tribune ran an interesting story last week about the possible development of a new brew pub in downtown Hopkins. You can read it at this link:  Plans for new brewery tap room in downtown Hopkins move forward

What I found interesting in the story is that the City of Hopkins is considering changing its City Code to allow for the proposed brew pub in the first place. Currently, Hopkins requires that licensed liquor (read beer/wine/liquor) must be able to demonstrate that 50 percent of their annual gross sales come from food sales. That’s not unusual. Many Minnesota cities have similar provisions in their City Codes. In Edina, our requirement is that 60 percent of gross sales must come from food sales.

In order to allow for the proposed brew pub, the Hopkins City Council initially proposed lowering the requirement to 25 percent. The developers of the proposed brew pub countered with a request to lower the requirement to 10 percent. At the July 16 meeting, however, the City Council discussed waiving the requirement altogether if the developers could figure out how to partner with local restaurants to encourage patrons to bring their food into the tap room.

This is an interesting idea. I’m curious about whether we should consider doing something similar in Edina. Readers: what do you think?

3 Responses to Brew Pubs in Hopkins?

  1. Phil Paradise says:

    First of all I think Brian is on the right track. Edina has a great demographic and household income that would be extremely attractable for a start up brewery. Edina has a median household income of about $88,000 which is considerably higher than the state average. I have done a lot of construction work with residents of Edina and there is an age group that needs a place like this. I would love to know who to talk with the person in charge of the city codes for Edina and propose my business plan.

  2. Brian Gudmundson says:

    I would love to have a brew pub in Edina. I have been to Steel Toe Brewery and the atmosphere is phenomenal. It would be great to have something like that in Edina.

  3. mary kosters says:

    This is the craziest idea that has come along in a long time. Right up there with all these apartments being built in Edina. I own a company down the street from the Steel Toe Brewing Company. I now have drinking going on in our Zoned Industrial Business Park. Why have zoning regulations or city managers if you think all the rules and regulations can be bented to anyone’s likings. Edina is turning into a big drink area just like Excelsior Blvd was in the late 1970′s. Thanks a lot for nothing.

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