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Edina Heritage: Convention Grill

Scott Neal, May 2, 2012 | Posted in Scott Neal

There it is.  The Convention Grill, 3912 Sunnyside Road in beautiful Edina, Minnesota USA.  The City Council honored the Convention Grill at their meeting last night with the 2012 Edina Heritage Award.  Someone has been serving and eating lunch from the Convention Grill for over 40 years.  It is a well known landmark in the Twin Cities, and has a number of nice reviews on Trip Advisor.




That’s Nick Santrizos at the podium in the City Council Chambers last night. Nick is a resident of suburban Washington DC.  He traveled to Edina this week to be present at last night’s recognition event.  Nick is the son of the original owners of the Convention Grill, Peter & Christina Santrizos.  That’s Nick’s nephew, also named Nick Santrizos, off to the side.  Nick is a resident of Edina.  Behind Nick is Tony Rimarcik, son of John Rimarcik, the current owner of Convention Grill.




That’s Tony Rimarcik again, and to Tony’s side is Shawn Schmitz.  Shawn is the manager of Convention Grill.  I had lunch at Convention Grill today and talked to Shawn a bit about the experience last night.  She said she was nervous to appear before the Council, but that everyone involved felt really good about being honored with the award, and for being recognized as being a notable part of Edina’s history.



I really like the Convention Grill.  It’s one of my favorite lunch spots.  A cheeseburger with American cheese, half an order of fries and half a honey malt is it for me.  If I could only take a nap in the afternoon after that lunch, life would be really good.

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