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Scott Neal began work as Edina City Manager in 2010. Prior to joining the City staff, he served as City Manager of Eden Prairie since 2002. He has also held the positions of City Administrator for the communities of Northfield, Minn.; Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; and Norris, Tenn. Neal was the first City Manager in Minnesota, and one of the first in the country, to share his experiences and observations in city government in a blog and has traveled internationally to speak about his experiences with leadership blogging. Follow Scott Neal on Twitter. @edinacityman


Scott Neal, November 11, 2011 | Posted in Scott Neal

Edina and Southdale Shopping Center welcomed a big new neighbor this week with the addition of a new Herberger’s department store at the mall.  Herberger’s has settled into 135,000 square feet that was formerly occupied by Mervyn’s California.  The Mervyn’s space had been vacant for over seven years, so Herberger’s is a very welcome addition to Southdale – and to the community.

That’s Mayor Jim Hovland at the podium giving a short welcome to a line of over a 1,000 excited shoppers waiting to get into the new store at 8:45 am on a Wednesday morning.  It was a nice ceremony and a solid step forward for the mall.

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